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Updated: 24/01/2019


We are unable to complete the final standings due to teams not sending their result sheet in. Please can you send them in as soon as possible.


We are missing;


Bankfield - B vs Volunteers - B

Fleece vs Saville - A





Missing Result Sheets


Division 1

Volunteers B v Bankfield B - Week 9 - 22/10/18


Division 2

Bankfield D v Cavalry Arms - Week 2 - 06/08/18


Division 3

Savile A v Fleece - Week 9 - 22/10/18










Please ensure scorecards are emailed over on time and familiarise yourself with any rule changes for this season (marked in red or rules tab).


SCORECARDS TO BE EMAILED TO NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: (this email is on the new scorecards).