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Latest update: 19/01/2018


Last 32 draw now published.

All KO results must be text to Dale Fisher - he has a new number, this has been updated on the Committee contacts page so make sure you text his new one, failure to do so may result in you being scratched.

Gameweek 5 - All tables/results/averages updated.

* 3 teams so far have lost points for late scorecards - don't let it be you...

SCORECARDS TO BE EMAILED TO NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: (this email is on the new scorecards).

Reminder - if you have a cancelled game to arrange, please do this within 4 weeks of the original date, if a date can not be agreed or is not arranged within the 4 weeks, then the committee will set a date.

Anybody who did not collect any new scorecards, there is a stash at Bankfield, Savile, or get in touch with us & we'll arrange to get some to you.


24th January - Doubles KO.

28th January - West Yorkshire County Ladies Trials.

4th February - West Yorkshire County Seniors Trials.

5th February - Presentation Night.

18th February - West Yorkshire County Men's Trials week 2 (qualifiers/retrialists/invitation only).

21st February - Singles KO Last 32.

28th February - Doubles KO Last 16.

18th March - West Yorkshire County Youth Trials.


Monday 5th February

Presentation Race Night @ Salvation

CPL Presentation on Monday 5th February – Salvation, Halifax for 7.30pm.

With the success of our previous 2 presentations, we've decided go go with the race night again (with the addition of food this time!)

Same format as last time but here is a reminder to those who didn't attend last season's presentation:

All teams from last season will be given ownership of 1 of the horses but a representative must be there on the night and if not, then their horse will go up for auction.

We will be looking at running the first race at around 8.15 pm and then every 20 - 25 minutes after that.

This is how it is going to work on the night of the presentation:-

1. On the night there will be 5 random picked races of which 8 horses will run in each race. In the first 4 races the winner and runner up will go into the 5th and final race.

2. Before each race, 7 pool teams will be drawn at random for 7 of the horses of that race (this will not cost the pool teams a single penny) and the 8th horse will be up for auction for anyone to buy.

3. If a representative of the team which is drawn in each race is “not present”, then that horse will also go up for auction but in any one race, no one can privately own more than one horse.

4. Once all of the owners have been verified before the start of the race, you can then bet on any of the horses in that race with a minimum stake of £1 (win only as we will be only paying for 1st place home). Once the betting has finished, we will then calculate the odds of each horse in the race and announce this before the start of the race.

5. We will have a bag with numbers 1 – 8 to determine which race is picked of the DVD (obviously we will withdraw the number once the race has run, so we don’t have the same race twice).

6. The winning owner of the first 4 races will receive £50 and the owner of the second horse will win £25. Anyone who has placed a bet on the winner will receive their stake plus the odds on that horse.

7. In the 5th and final race, the owners of the winners and runner ups from the first 4 races will be drawn at random to see what number they are for the race but yet again, the representative of that horse must be present for the race otherwise that horse will go up for auction. The winner of the final race will receive £150, the horse placed 2nd will receive £75 and the 3rd horse will receive £25 and as with all the previous races, you will be able to place bets on the race.

I sincerely hope that this may attract more people to the presentation, as just by turning up your team has a chance to win £200 without it costing you a single penny (except for the drinks).

After the race meeting has finished (aiming at around 10.00 – 10.15 pm), we will then quickly turn to the presentation of the trophies and hopefully have everything wrapped up by 10.45 pm to give everyone chance to get back to their local pubs or stay in town for a few drinks. Food is also being supplied.

If anyone has any questions about the above, then please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee.

Any team attending will also get a free bottle of house champagne plus a free shot of corkies for each member of that team courtesy of the Salvation.

The first presentation of this kind was a great success, the second even better! So make sure you and your teams attend and lets make this another great evening!


West Yorkshire County Trials

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