2017/18 Knockouts

Team KO

Singles KO

Doubles KO

All KO results must be text to Dale Fisher - he has a new number, this has been updated on the Committee contacts page so make sure you text his new one, failure to do so may result in you being scratched.

***please note, singles and doubles have been updated due to ineligible entrants (having not played within the first 4 league fixtures), please check to see if you are affected. These have been replaced with ‘byes’ and there will unfortunately be a bye in the next round of doubles***

2017 Winners

Team KO

Winners: 1904

R/Up: Volunteers B

Plate KO

Winners: Bankfield D

R/Up: Siddal CC

Singles KO

Winner: Richard Needham

R/Up: Tony Sutcliffe Jr

Doubles KO

Winners: Warren Wheatcroft & Mark Dawson

R/Up: Tom Severn & Fraser Smith


Winners: Bankfield B

R/Up: Rose & Crown