Quarter Finals

To be played Monday 16th April

Team KO

Wainhouse A v Upper George

Bankfield C v Ring O Bells A

Volunteers A v 1904 A

Bankfield B v Volunteers B


Plate KO

Greetland SC v Stump Cross B

Rose & Crown v Bankfield A

Marsh Lib v Salvation

Siddal CC v *bye*

Round 2

To be played Monday 12th March

Team KO

Bankfield D v Volunteers A

Upper George v Elland CC

1904 A v Elland WMC

Fleece A v Bankfield C

Ring O Bells A v Queen

Wainhouse A v 1904 B

Bankfield B v Ring O Bells B

Volunteers B v Stump Cross A


Plate KO

Siddal CC v Wainhouse B

Salvation v Savile B

*all other 1st round losers have a bye - Savile A & Cavalry Arms are scratched from the plate due to not fulfilling Team KO fixture.

Round 1

To be played Monday 12th February

Queen v Cavalry Arms

Wainhouse A v Greetland SC

Siddal CC v 1904 B

Ring O Bells B v Marsh Lib

Savile B v Elland WMC

Bankfield B v Bankfield A

Salvation v Upper George

Stump Cross A v Savile A

Volunteers A v Wainhouse B

Rose & Crown v 1904 A

Bankfield C v Stump Cross B

Fleece B v Ring O Bells A

(Byes: Fleece A, Bankfield D, Elland CC, Volunteers B)